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Welcome to G.Kalopetrides & Partners Ltd


A mission for collaborative, sustainable entrepreneurial growth.


A vision of worldwide recognition for excellence of service.


We are a progressively growing firm of Chartered Certified Accountants – Business Advisors, established almost four decades ago.


An action plan founded on the application of superior standards of work performance, congeniality on every tier of interpersonal communication and dynamism for evolutionary learning.

Accounting VAT and payroll maintenance

Routine bookkeeping review can divert a vast amount of time away from the core business of your organisation. This fundamental task is carried out in a timely and accurate manner, by experienced professionals.

Audit & Assurance

Our audit and assurance department is manned by an assortment of individuals, exhibiting advanced levels of professional skill, each of whom presents a unique and specialised aptitude in a specific area of concentration (e.g. audit, compliance, financial reporting, VAT, information technology, income tax planning). Our client base includes hundreds of organisations, originating from diverse sectors and characterised by variety in terms of size and scope of activity.


Tax planning and management, on either a personal level or in a corporate context tends to be a challenging task. Thus, intervention by specialists in the field becomes a necessity. Our tax-consulting expertise and case-handling power can be utilised by subscribing to our compliance services, oriented towards the derivation of tax strategies for optimising tax benefits and attaining maximum conformity.

Take a step into the future today

We aspire to be far more than just auditors. We visualise ourselves as business advisors and problem solvers for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Our Firm

Our wealthily qualified and experienced principals and personnel are well groomed to provide professional guidance and advice to our clients, in all spheres of business and finance, as well as, service of supreme quality, consistently adhering to one of our underlying steering principles: aligning our growth-prospects and capabilities to the respective progress inclination of our clients.
Our business destination is based on values and aims, such as, knowledge sharing, international affiliation and cooperation, as well as, steady expansion through quality of service. As a result, our corporate identity has been undergoing a process of structural renaissance. This entails the release of the present, pioneering and highly informative, interactive website, along with a completely fresh assortment of public display features.

Our Values

  • Commitment to integrity

    • A focus on the delivery of highest quality outcomes
    • Deployment of the highest professional standards
    • Adhering to ethical principles, maintaining independence and objectivity
    • Safeguarding due care, promptness and quality of work
  • Reverence for the individual as a medium for professional growth

    • An impartial way of thinking
    • Observe, listen, understand, assist
    • Without prejudice, accept people’s distinct skills, knowledge and experiences
    • Advancing esteem, leading to continuous personal and professional growth, throughout the Firm
  • Fostering collaboration for progress and innovation

    • Gainful synergies from sharing knowledge, skills and experiences
    • Recognition and respect for every individual’s views
    • Promotion of teamwork
    • Favoring the generation of fresh ideas
    • Establishment of long-lived professional relationships within, as well as, beyond our walls
  • Sowing boldness to yield intelligence

    • Equip our people, with the necessary courage for daring to ask questions and diving beneath the surface, in novel, challenging settings
    • Keeping an open mind
    • Employ professional inquisitiveness to enhance our shared, technical intelligence base
  • A determination for walking our talk

    • Diffusing an inspiring culture of sincerity
    • Demonstrating by means of our acts, what is optimally expected from colleagues and clients
    • Stimulating our people to be leaders in delivering best results
    • Presenting a clear idea of where we are heading and devising appropriate strategies, while mitigating the effect of opposing forces

Our Customers